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Lacoste Underwear

High-Quality, Comfortable Designer Underwear

Since 1993, Lacoste has developed a reputation for creating apparel out of high-quality materials, using styles that are both subtle and cool. Lacoste men’s underwear is no different, with every pair offering a wear that’s comfortable and breathable by nature — making them a fan favorite with our Underwear Of The Month Club members.

When you’re looking for the freedom of boxer briefs, or something more supportive, like traditional briefs, every single pair of Lacoste men’s underwear has been tailored to provide you with an unbelievably comfortable wear. Inspired by the classical stylings of men’s underwear, each pair from Lacoste features a simple, iconic design from the leg to the waistband, with a bold, simple choice of color for a refined, yet bold look — topped off with the brand’s famous logo to make it even more premium.

The key feature though is the feel that Lacoste provides. Wanting to go beyond the standard cotton and elastane blends, Lacoste underwear has a variety of cutting-edge microfiber blends all throughout their collection, allowing for increased breathability and durability, as well as a much softer hand-feel. Which for you, means an incredibly comfortable, superior fit in an everyday staple.