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Supawear Underwear

Because Everyone Deserves to Feel Super

Supawear is more than your ordinary underwear brand. It’s bold, inventive and creative. With a strong use of colors, contrasts, and even shapes, Supawear offers something not often seen in men’s designer underwear. Like a superhero bursting through a crowd of ordinary people, Supawear comes through like a breath of fresh fair, embracing both masculine fashion and contemporary design to create something new and different.

Created in 2012 by 2Eros founder and designer Jason Hoeung, Supawear uses the same supportive features seen in it’s brother brand — like Curv Technology used in the pouch for a secure fit with an enhancing, natural lift. Supawear underwear also embraces bold colors and styles, using custom prints brimming with contrast to create underwear that’ll capture your eye with its personality. The result is a selection of men’s underwear that promotes self-expression and confidence in who you are.

So whether you’re in the market for a pair of boxer briefs that look original and extraordinary, or a playful jockstrap that has a touch of creativity, Supawear underwear is here to stop you from having to wear anything boring. As something we wear everyday, underwear should never be dull and lifeless.