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Modus Vivendi Underwear

Where Luxury Is a Way Of Life

The Latin phrase modus vivendi translates to “a way of life” in English - an approach that’s deeply rooted in who they are as a brand. Modus Vivendi reflects their namesake in the underwear they create.

Born in 1989 by Greek designer Christos Bimpitsos, Modus Vivendi underwear follows a mantra of capturing a “male way of life” — one that demands authenticity and integrity, alongside personality and creativity.

Modus Vivendi underwear offers a new experience for men. Their designs range from refined everyday boxer briefs, to athletic jockstraps, to designer briefs that’re just an innovative as they are alluring. Even with the wide variety of options, each pair of Modus Vivendi men’s underwear is enjoyable to wear and to look at.

Modus Vivendi ensures that the wearing experience in every pair of underwear they create is a great one — using high-quality materials and expert tailoring to ensure that you get a natural, comfortable fit that lasts all day. No matter where you stand on what you think makes for great underwear, Modus Vivendi has that pair of perfect underwear waiting for you right here.