Why is Finding the Perfect Underwear so Hard?

What makes the perfect underwear is a seemingly impossible question, which is why we’ve pushed ourselves to find an answer. Introducing the “I” By Impetus.

Finding the right underwear is hard. A frustrating and exhausting experience, requiring so much research, patience, and, unfortunately, sacrifice. So much that if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s incredibly difficult to even know where to start. And as an item of clothing that we wear every day, there’s an ugly inconsistency about this.

For example, do you want something that fits well or something that looks amazing? Do you need support in the leg or in the pouch? Do you need to feel smooth and delicate, or does it need to be thicker and firm? Do you need a boxer or a brief? And how do you even know what style you need anyway?

This lack of expert authority is the reason why we started Underwear Expert. And this lack of a solution to these challenges in underwear is the reason we teamed up with one of the most ethical and sustainable businesses, Impetus, to create the “I” By Impetus range—a collection of underwear we’ve meticulously designed to suit anyone and everyone.

The manifestation of everything we’ve learned over the last eight years, alongside the environmentally-focused ethos of Impetus, the “I” By Impetus range is our most involved customized range to date. One that’s designed to the smallest of details to be comprehensively perfect. Currently in our third season, the “I” By Impetus range has five silhouettes in each collection—the boxer brief, brief, trunk, jockstrap, and thong—each one having its own unique features and benefits.

For example, the Grove Boxer Brief is a redesign of the everyday staple, to not only be more compact but to provide the highest level of support. By using a cotton and elastane blend, expanding the leg to 10-inches and employing a thicker waistband to prevent folding over—the Grove Boxer Brief is both soft and comfortable while ensuring you have complete support.

Other designs were intended to prioritize comfort, like the Brée collection. By employing a specific blend of modal, cotton and elastane, the Brée Collection not only feels soft and smooth when worn but provides breathability, meaning you stay cool and dry, while also being incredibly durable.

And while comfort and fit are both invaluable, we also wanted to embrace style and design—incorporating the everyday and enhancing it. The Amadeo Collection, for example, was inspired by our recent trip to Portugal and Spain. The bold yet subtle take on the standard floral print, the Amadeo Collection was purposely designed to allow for a sense of individuality for anyone.

We could go on, but what we’re getting at here is that this range is for you. Collections of underwear that are meant to fit, be comfortable and look amazing. Because as a piece of clothing that we wear every day, it’s time we acknowledged just how important it is.

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