Decorative Glass Rainscreen Systems

Decorative Glass Rainscreen Systems

Bendheim Wall Systems’ rainscreens can dramatically change the appearance of an otherwise structurally sound building and preserve it for years to come. Installing decorative rainscreens over the existing façade is a far less costly process than traditional demolition, repair, and re-glazing of exterior skins. They can be installed without accessing the building interior, disrupting occupants, or interrupting normal building operations.


There are multiple functional and aesthetic benefits to choosing Bendheim Wall Systems’ decorative glass rainscreens: from the ability to completely transform the appearance of a building through elegant decorative glass to ease of installation and maintenance. With a couple of simple actions, Bendheim Wall Systems’ decorative glass rainscreens can completely transform the appearance of uninspired, unmemorable old buildings into beautiful, contemporary architecture. First, pre-attach the Bendheim glass fittings to steel supports and install the steel on top of the structure. Then, select from Bendheim’s virtually limitless decorative glass options: from gently obscuring Dura-Etch® glass to custom printed images and designs. Even plain clear glass can have a big impact.


Among the main benefits of our decorative glass rainscreens is protection against the elements. Water is the most significant factor in the premature deterioration of a building, and each of Bendheim’s pressure-equalized rainscreen systems offers an effective envelope solution to moisture penetration. Even when the building’s substructure is made of wood, the glass can protect and ensure its stability and performance for hundreds of years. Bendheim rainscreens also accommodate the use of weatherproof membranes behind the glass in combination with opaque glass varieties.

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